We want to thank you for providing such great homes to your bunnies. We love the pictures you send, especially the ones with your children (we do not post those without written consent)!  Keep sending your updates, we sure do love to hear from you!

Bunny Owner 1:

Kona is such a blessing for us. He has behaved so well and integrated into our family with no issues (he’s even potty trained!). He is the perfect little boy.

Thank you for giving us a chance to be parents! 

Also please update us if you guys have any other bunnies like him, soon I think we should get Kona a partner in crime.

Bunny Owner 2:

We love him. He is so adorable. Thank you so much. 

Bunny Owner 3:

I know how important [the bunnies] are to you I just want to keep reassuring you how well we're taking care of them so you don't worry...tell your daughter my daughter is in love with cinnamon.

Bunny Owner 4:

Ty! They are so sweet! I love them so much! They complete our family!