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Holland Lops and Lionheads

Offering The Most Adorable Pet Bunnies in Northern NJ

Holding my first blue eyed white, fluffy bunny was a dream come true. She was so soft and inquisitive and I fell in love. Since then, I wanted to share that feeling with others, so my parents helped me start a hobby rabbitry with the finest blue eyed bunnies. We can’t wait for you to have your own bunny friend with the most darling, curious personality and special pedigree.

We are located in Hillsdale, NJ 07642 in Bergen County. We can be contacted via phone/text at 201-739-7654.

Broken Chestnut Holland Lop

Finding Your New Pet Bunny

Want to add a new friend to your life? How about a precious Holland Lop or Lionhead bunny? Holland Lops have the cutest floppy ears and since they are a dwarf breed they always stay small, growing to only 3-5 pounds. Lionheads are also a dwarf breed with the fluffiest bunny mane and only grow to 2-4 pounds. We start their litter training and you continue to help them learn as they grow. Your bunny friend will learn to recognize you and look forward to seeing you.

Blue Tort  Holland Lop

TrueBlue Bunnies are unique! Our blue eyed bunnies are well socialized and handled lovingly by our children every day.

All of our bunnies for sale in NJ are either purebred Holland Lops or Lionheads. We do not crossbreed our bunnies. Our bunnies carry the vienna gene (vv)  which gives them their sweet white markings and in some bunnies results in rare blue eyes. We handle our bunnies from the day of their birth to begin their socialization with humans and it will be your pleasure to continue cuddling them in your home. 

For more photos of Holland Lops for sale (and Lionheads for sale) visit our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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